Transparencia Institucional

Institutional Transparency

Institutional Strategic Plan 2023-2027.

The Institutional Strategic Plan 2023-2027 of PROMETA is focused on biodiversity conservation. It highlights the importance of analyzing the local context and conditions, the comprehensive management of natural resources, the incorporation of initiatives into the collective imagination, the role of local NGOs, and alliance building. With this plan, PROMETA seeks to become an effective tool to develop enduring conservation models in Bolivia.

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(This document is in spanish)

2022 annual report.

The 2022 annual report of the Bolivian environmental organization PROMETA summarizes the main actions and achievements during the year, highlighting the projects implemented within the framework of 9 strategic programs. It presents the history of the organization since its foundation in 1990 and its evolution in recent decades, currently focusing on sustainable territorial development. It describes the mission, vision and strategic objectives of PROMETA, focused on environmental conservation, community participation and the fight against poverty in Bolivia. The document highlights the efficient administrative and financial management of the organization.

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(This document is in spanish)

2022 financial report.

This document contains a professional report from external auditors on the financial statements and operations of the audited organization during the year 2022..

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(This document is in spanish)