Gonzalo Ulises Crespo Fernández

Here is my attempt to translate the text into academic English:

Bachelor’s degree in Law, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with Diplomas in Criminal Procedural Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law, Strategic Planning and Project Development.

Advisor to the Danish Embassy on labor issues, Advisor to the Argentine Embassy on matters of national law, Permanent Advisor in Business Management and Legal Representative in Bolivia of the company Energoproyect Niskogradjna S.A., Head of the Legal Department of Corazón de Jesus Hospital – Padre Adolfo Kolping Foundation, University Lecturer at the Central University – UNICEN. Founding Partner of the consulting firm specialized in legal and business management advice Crespo & Associates.

One of his major roles on the Board of Directors of PROMETA is to provide advice on compliance with the current legal regulations in the country regarding labor rights and certifications from the Government of Bolivia for the regular functioning of non-profit organizations in the country.