Who Are We?

Environment Protection Tarija – PROMETA is a non-profit organization that works in the conservation of biodiversity and the advocacy of sustainable development to contribute to environmental conservation and improving the quality of life of Bolivians. Its purpose is to preserve nature and promote the sustainable use of the natural resources.

PROMETA works with institutions, authorities and communities that constribute to the institutional mission and vision. The implemented programs and projects are executed under the principle of equal participation, rescuing traditional knowledge, and fair distribution of benefits.


The work carried out by PROMETA is based on a vision of a poverty free society that lives in harmony with nature. It is a resounding vision around the world today, which calls us to abandon individualistic tendencies in defense of the environment. This vision unites us to recognize how the diversity and natural beauty of our planet enriches our lives and elevates the human spirit. It is a vision that teaches us how the products and services of biodiversity’s make human life possible on earth. This vision unites us by showing us how, in such little time human activity has produced levels of environmental destruction and degradation that threaten the very future of living creatures. Finally, it is a vision that challenges and forces us to find creative ways to bring together economic development and environmental care. PROMETA is part of a worldwide effort that searches to spread this vision, to awaken human conscience about our common destiny to share the planet and the atmosphere.


“To contribute to the conservation of biological diversity for the improvement in the quality of life of Bolivians.”


To contribute with the conservation of the ecosystems represented in the region.

To promote, strengthen and support the people´s participation in environmental management.

To contribute with the fight against poverty in the communities involved in our projects and programs.