Management in the Pilcomayo River unites 3 countries of the region

The Foreign Ministry is hosting the trinational meeting of Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay, where they analyze the issues and preservation of the river that runs through these countries. The Trinational Commission for the Development of the Pilcomayo River Basin has been discussing the comprehensive management of the Pilcomayo River, which crosses Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay since yesterday at the Foreign Ministry.

The Director-General of Borders, Frontiers, and Transboundary International Waters at the Foreign Ministry, Róger Matos, explained that every year Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay coordinate actions to preserve the fauna and flora of this river. “The preparatory meeting began today (yesterday), and there is an agenda of 12 points for the management of the Pilcomayo River, which includes special aspects such as preserving the sábalo, river dynamics, water quality, and others,” said Matos.

The authority explained that the preparatory meetings will enable delegates from each country to approve agreements or others concerning this issue. Vice-Chancellor Juan Carlos Alurralde, who has extensive knowledge of basins and the processes required to preserve the riverbed and the life it carries, will lead Bolivia’s delegation, said Matos.

Furthermore, the meetings will serve to evaluate the progress of the Pilcomayo River Basin management plan. They will also coordinate short, medium, and long-term measures related to the Pilcomayo. During the trinational meeting, concluding today, Bolivia will present proposals that include comprehensive measures in the upper, middle, and lower basins, with erosion control, sediment transport, and hydraulic cleaning of the river in the three countries, explained Matos.

The authority stated that Bolivia has also conducted studies on the development dynamics of sábalo and other fish species to promote their development and revitalize the fishing activity in the country. Along these lines, Matos, for instance, revealed that Bolivia plans to establish a fish research center in Villamontes (Tarija). Additionally, it aims to rehabilitate wetlands in Bolivian territory for fish development, as well as implement structural engineering measures for better utilization of the Pilcomayo’s water resources.