San Nicolás Municipal Protected Area (Tarija)

The San Nicolás Municipal Protected Area (APMSN) was established on February 11th , 2004 by means of a Municipal Ordinance Nº 004/2004, located in the Great Chaco Province and Caraparí Municipality of Tarija, it has a territory of 16.550 hectares with an altitude ranging from 600 to 1.526 meters above sea level. This protected area is part of the following communities: Pampa Redonda (Chiquiacá river) and San Nicolás (San Nicolás river), and at its south and west boundaries the Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve. The purpose of this protected area is to preserve the integrity of the conditions of the ecosystems in the Bolivian Tucuman formation, to maintain the quality of the hydrological regime, biodiversity, genetic resources and environmental functions that benefit the population of the Municipality and society in general.